Government Polytechnic, Awasari (Kh.)
शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, अवसरी (खु.)
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Workshop practice is the base of the real industry which helps to develop and enhance relevant technical hands on skills required by the engineers working in the various engineering industries. Our workshop intends to impart basic know-how of various hand tools, power tools, machine tools and their use in different sections of manufacturing. Workshop practice is also important since only practice can make the man perfect. The students are advised to undergo each skill experience with practical understanding. Institute has established seven different shops to learn and practices wide range of manufacturing processes.
Presently Prof. S. S. More is as Workshop Superintendent. He is M. E. (Mechanical) (Manufacturing Engineering), with 23 years of teaching experience.
The workshop is having fitting shop, carpentry shop, welding shop, sheet metal shop, blacksmith shop and plumbing shop as a part of basic workshop practice.
Machine shop and turning shop are as additional workshops. CNC milling center, milling simulation and turning simulation center are also additional facilities provided to the students of the institute.

Dr. S. S. More
Workshop Superintendent

To promote activities for skill development through hands on practice serving for the benefits of rural masses.

M1.  To inculcate the lifelonglearning through machine tools.
M2. To provide the platform for learners towards pursuing professional skills of manufacturing sector.
M3. To create opportunities and ethical responsibilities in acquiring leadership and career development.
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